When you think about going into the salon for highlights, most people imagine having lighter hues added to brighten up their look. But today’s latest hair color trends are embracing a new technique called Shadow Hair.

Overgrown roots that traditionally looked messy are now being embraced and hair color techniques are being created around the grown-out look. Stylists are now being asked to preserve the natural color of the roots, or color them darker, to create a blended, darker look that adds dimension and contrast to the hair. The shadow root technique focuses on blending the line between a darker color near the root, and a lighter color near the bottom without the sharp contrast between the two. It’s a perfect option for someone who wants to try something new and leave the traditional single-process hair color technique behind.

Shadow Hair provides incredible dimension within the hair by creating natural-looking low lights in the hair with a technique called shadow toning. Shadow toning uses a darker tone instead of a lighter one that gives the hair depth and makes the transition from your natural shade more seamless. This low maintenance highlighting technique is ideal for those who love the idea of highlights but want a natural-looking, easier to care for option.

Shadow toning is a process where your hair colorist will start by using a toner or gloss that closely matches the color of your roots and apply it to the middle of the hair strands to create an illusion of a natural gradient. This shadowing technique will not only improve the natural appearance of your color, but it will also allow you to go longer between color touch-ups. Shadow toning is usually combined with other popular highlighting techniques such as balayage and babylights.

Because this technique involves both darker and lighter dyes, it’s best to leave it in the hands of an experienced hair colorist. While the idea was created with a darker natural root in mind, you don’t have to have naturally dark hair for this color technique to work. You can have your hair colorist dye your roots a darker color, and still achieve the same gorgeous look.

The Shadow Hair trend embraces the once dreaded growth of darker color after having your hair lightened, but today’s hair salons are getting more and more creative with the technique. Shadow hair is customizable, with some opting for natural looking, warm blond and brown shades, others are opting for bright, vibrant technicolor and pastel colors. With the natural color palate, you end up with a low-maintenance lived-in look that that will last an entire season.

Shadow hair can work with any length of hair, allows for personalization based on your unique style, provides an on-trend look with dimension and provides a low-maintenance color option (unless you decide to really go wild with pink or purple at the root). At The Salon Project, celebrity colorist Joel Warren and his staff of professional colorists are masters within the realm of hair color and can create the Shadow Hair look you’re seeing all over social media. Call in to The Salon Project today to book an appointment with a professional hair colorist today and transform your look this summer!