In New York City, men take grooming just as seriously as women. In recent years, the city has seen a surge in salons that cater specifically to men, and newly opened barbershops aren’t like the ones your grandfather used to go to. 

Today’s high-end barbershops and men’s salons are focusing more on convenience and experience. From complimentary espressos to high-end grooming product offerings, men are now expecting the same service and quality that prestigious salons used to typically reserve for their female clientele. 

From trendy styling, hot-towel shaves, color treatments, and eye-brow trims, New York City’s men are looking for the best when it comes to their grooming. Here are the five things men are looking for when it comes to picking their new go-to salon or barbershop:

  1. Atmosphere: gone are the days when men are willing to settle for a small, bare-bones barbershop to stop in for a quick trim. Today’s New York City men are looking for a place with a relaxed vibe and trendy atmosphere to give them a reprieve from their busy lives.
  2. Knowledgeable stylists: with trends in men’s hair care embracing bolder, longer and more expressive hairstyles, men want to feel confident that they are in good hands when they enter a salon. From boardroom meetings to think-tank strategizing, New York City’s men are looking for stylists who can match their hairstyles to their lifestyles, and a cut that boosts confidence and turns heads is a necessity. 
  3. Quality selection of products: with attitudes toward grooming continually evolving, men want products that will keep them looking salon-fresh, at home. From pomades to texturizers to beard oils and moisturizers, men in New York City want a one-stop shop when it comes to their grooming needs. Salons and barbershops that offer a curated selection of high-quality products for men to take home with them are noticing that their male clients are more receptive to grooming products when they have them on-site.
  4. Convenience: while trends and consumer behaviors are changing, specifically when it comes to men’s grooming, one fact remains the same for men: convenience is king! Men in New York City live busy lives, and they want a salon or barbershop that has it all — expert stylists, high-quality products, and an enticing atmosphere…but they don’t want to spend hours getting the services they need. 
  5. Selection of services: in addition to hair cuts, men are beginning to explore new service offerings from the salons and barbershops they patronize. Manicures, pedicures, facials and cosmetic enhancements are becoming commonly requested services in men’s salons. 

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