With warmer weather finally upon us, now is the perfect time to update your cut to keep you looking fresh and summer ready. Summertime is the perfect opportunity to clean up your shaggy winter hair with a short cut that will have you looking fresh all season long. The best thing about short hairstyles on men is that they work on pretty much all types of hair. Whether your hair is curly, straight, or wavy a short haircut can update your look and leave you with less to worry about while you’re enjoying fun in the sun this summer.
Here are the five best summer cuts you should be taking pictures of to your barber before you book your next trip to the beach.

The High and Tight

While many variations of this style exist, what defines the High & Tight hairstyle is the commonality of the cut along the sides and back of the head. A sharp line marks the boundary between the closely shaved sides and back and the top of the head with longer hair on top. Traditionally worn by men in the US armed forces, the High and Tight was designed to accommodate the weight of a combat helmet, with the sides cut short and the top left longer to provide a cushion. Today, the High and Tight is worn by men everywhere across the world because of its classic sleek look and low maintenance styling.
A High and Tight can be gradual or abrupt, so long as the main shift happens mid-way or high up the head. This style suits nearly all hair textures and densities, because it balances out thinning styles by removing much of the bulk from the sides, and it pulls focus to textured and wavy styles up top, while preventing bulking or mushrooming on the sides for anyone with a lot of hair to work with. In terms of maintenance, all you need is a trip up about every other week, and you can let the top grow out as little or as long as you want!
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The Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is a hairstyle with short, horizontally straight cut bangs. As its name suggests, this haircut was made popular by Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, who was historically depicted with this type of haircut. Made popular by men in the 1990’s, the Caesar Cut is a classic cut with ancient origins that still looks good today. The Caesar Cut features density and texture on top paired with a short fade on the sides and while it works for just about any hair-type, to really pull this cut off well, the more volume there is to work with, the better!
A versatile cut that can be worn with straight or wavy hair, The Caesar Cut is one that is incredibly easy to style. All you need is a good quality cream, wax or pomade and a good comb. Today’s modern take on the Caesar favors a messier look, and due to the uniform length on top, it’s almost impossible to style incorrectly.
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The Fringe Cut

The Fringe Cut is a great way to hide big foreheads, shorten longer facial shapes, and hide a receding hairline. Fringe, also known as “bangs” but for guys, is a cut that embraces length toward the front of the face over the forehead, and offers men a lot of versatility when it comes to styling. A Fringe Cut can be less defined and textured than the Caesar, and done with any density or type of hair. It also can be blended into any type of trim on the sides. There are some things you should consider before choosing this style though, such as the length you want, how much volume your hair has naturally, and the shape of your face. Depending on these three factors, your barber can tailor A Fringe Cut to highlight your facial features and thin out or emphasize volume to give you an overall balanced look.
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The Buzz Cut

Quite possibly the most classic of all men’s hairstyles, The Buzz Cut is seeing a resurgence in popularity this year. While once used as a solution for unruly hair or by guys who simply weren’t interested in styling, The Buzz Cut can now be styled with variations such as defined parts created with a clipper, borrowing from other styles like The Fringe, precision lined edges and artistic creations.
The Buzz Cut may me the most recognized of all the men’s short haircuts, but you should consider your head shape and volume of your hair as it can accentuate any balding spots that can be disguised by hair from other areas of your head. In terms of maintenance, there’s nothing easier to care for than a short Buzz Cut, which could make it an ideal option for guys on the go.
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Whichever hairstyle you chose this summer, be sure to do a little research before you head into see your barber. Finding images of celebrities or models who have similar facial features and hair texture to yours are always a good reference for how a new, shorter cut will look on you.

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