Our body needs protein to stay healthy. Likewise, our hair needs protein to stay strong. Natural hair is made up of tough, fibrous proteins called keratin that help keep it healthy. Looking at hair and understanding that it is thirsty isn’t that tough; however, you might not be sure if your hair requires protein. But why does your hair need protein retexture in the first place? To help you out, we’ve listed the use of protein treatment and the four signs that your need to book an appointment with a hair salon and add to your hair care regimen.

Why Hair Protein Re-texture?

Protein treatments from the top salons in New York nurture the hair with various proteins and nutrients to redefine and strengthen the hair strands. It’s a fantastic way to maintain your hair’s health and keep it in the best possible condition. Also, for those who are planning on getting chemical texturizing, coloring, highlighting, etc., the protein retexture can work wonders for you! By receiving this treatment before chemical application, the base of your will strengthen, essentially making it a rejuvenated, healthy canvas for hair color. Without protein, the hairs start looking lifeless, and restoring the quality of your hair is essential.

Does Your Hair Need Protein Treatment? 4 Signs That Tell!

SIGN 1: Hair Is Highly Porous

Frazzled, dry, and coarse hair – all result from highly porous hair. Porous hair has gaps and tears in the strands, making your hair more susceptible to damage. This causes hair to absorb too much water, leading to tangles, frizz, or color loss on hair treated with color. These gaps in hair strands should be treated with protein, nourishing the hair with essential proteins, seal and strengthen those gaps for further styling. So if your looks damaged, it’s time that you book an appointment with a hair salon ASAP!

SIGN 2: Increased Breakage

If you experience any shedding, know that it isn’t uncommon. We can lose up to 100 strands of hair a day naturally. However, if you’re losing more hair that’s not from the root, perhaps, there’s a protein issue, and you need to pay attention. While the reasons behind hair fall can be many: hormonal changes, stress, medications, vitamin deficiencies, etc., it is crucial to analyze what’s wrong thoroughly. Understanding your hair and scalp condition is the first step before hair treatment. For better insights, consult the top salons in New York before deciding low protein is the culprit. Treating your hair with protein may help prevent unnecessary hair loss.

SIGN 3: Loss Of Elasticity

Besides protein, moisture is crucial for the hair’s quality. But, too much moisture can have consequences. It may lead to loss of elasticity which is, again, unhealthy! There should be an optimal balance between protein and water in your hair. Natural, healthy hair will bounce back to its original state after being stretched, but if your hair doesn’t, it may be lacking strength. Book an appointment with The Salon Project hair salon. Our keratin retexture service gives you the desired moisture-protein balance that will heal the dry strands, bringing your hair’s strength back to its natural state.

SIGN 4: Sticky Or Gummy Touch

Typically, when the hair feels sticky, flat, or gummy, it means your hair is damaged in and out. If you’ve got your hair chemically treated too frequently or your hair has experienced excessive damage, this leads to a sticky and gummy feeling. When your hair’s internal system has been weakened, its feel becomes unpleasant. By turning to top salons in New York for a protein treatment, you can change the way your hair looks and feels.

Is protein retexturing what your hair’s asking for? Get in touch with the  best salons in Boca Raton for the best hair solutions. The Salon Project offers a wide range of hair care services, including keratin retexture. Book your appointment with our hair salon today!